Recommended Radiographic Views For Pre-Purchase Exam

Fetlocks – front
· Lateral
· Dorsal Plantar (Palmar)
· Medial & Lateral Obliques (45 degrees off midline)
·Flexed lateral

Fetlocks – hind
· Lateral
· Dorsal Plantar

· Lateral
· Dorsal Plantar
· Medial & Lateral Obliques

Front Feet/Navicular
· Lateral-weight-bearing
· DP-weight-bearing
· Dorsoproximal-palmarodistal oblique (Hickman 60 degree view)
· Palmarproximal-palmarodistal oblique (flexor surface of navicular)

Additional radiographs per client’s request or based on questions on the clinical exam findings.

· Lateral
· Caudocranial
· Medial Oblique (to visualize medial condyle) (Caudal 60 degree lateral craniomedial oblique)

· Lateral-providing clear evaluation of both the spinous processes and dorsal articular processes.

· Lateral-providing clear evaluation of the dorsal articular facets and poll.

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