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Patient Preparation for the MRI Procedure:

  • MRI examinations require that the horse shoes and nails be carefully removed from the front or hind feet depending on the area being examined.
  • It is preferable for the patient’s farrier to remove the shoes prior to the arrival at the Equine Medical Center.
  • Horses should arrive at the EMC by 7:30 A.M. on the date of the scheduled examination and check in with admissions at the EMC. A doctor from Virginia Equine Imaging will be in admissions at the EMC when you arrive. If you are scheduled for an afternoon MRI, you should arrive at the EMC by 12:00 on the date of the scheduled examination.
  • Next, the patient will be brought into the main patient treatment room for preparation for the MRI series.
  • The feet will be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, and if there are any questions about having retained metal from nails in the feet, a radiograph will be taken of each foot. There will be a fee of $118 for MRI foot preparation and radiograph to either VEI or EMC.
  • Halters will be removed and replaced with the non-metallic MRI halter.
  • Our doctor will sedate the horse prior to entering the MRI room and the patient will be sedated as necessary throughout the procedure.
  • The procedure usually takes 3-4 hours depending on how cooperative the patient is in the magnet.
  • Following the completion of the MRI series, the patients will be removed from the MRI room and taken outside until they are safely able to load onto the trailer.
  • The images will be sent over digitally and the doctor will return to Virginia Equine Imaging in order to install the images on our clinic’s Dicom reader.
  • The images will be read by Dr. Kent Allen and VEI following the procedure.
  • The patient will either return to VEI for additional diagnostics and workup or the information will be forwarded to the referring veterinarian.

MRI Location:

Marion Dupont Scott
Equine Medical Center
17690 Old Waterford Rd at Morven Park
Leesburg, VA 20177

If you are in need of directions to the Marion Dupont Scott Equine Medical Center, they can be found on the internet at or you can contact them at 703-771-6800.

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