The CURO unit is a non-invasive technique that uses acoustic myography that is currently being utilized at VEI to identify disease of the hind proximal suspensory ligaments. Acoustic myography is a field that analyzes the pressure waves generated by moving tissues by either contracting muscle or absorption of ground reaction force (GRF). The sensitive piezoelectric crystals of the device detect the pressure waves and convert them to an electrical signal permitting analysis of muscle function or the ability of the suspensory system to dampen a GRF in connection with hoof impact with a firm surface.

CURO equine service

The parameters identified by the CURO include: efficiency (E-score, time periods of active/inactive function relative to duration of activity), spatial summation (S-score, functionality of PSL to act as efficient harmonic oscillator and quickly damp a GRF), and temporal summation (T-score, signal frequency of the pressure wave generated by the GFR). These combined parameters then create ESTi Score that gives a relative ranking of fitness of the PSL.

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