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Ultrasonographic Evaluation of The Equine Musculoskeletal System

ultrasound01.jpgDiagnostic ultrasonography was introduced in the early 1980s as a practical imaging modality to evaluate soft tissue injuries of the equine limb. It continues to be used extensively for evaluation of tendonous and ligamentous structures, to identify, confirm, and monitor soft tissue injury. The basic objective of an ultrasonographic evaluation is to characterize the morphological characteristics of the soft tissue structures and bony surfaces of each designated anatomical structure. The goal is to determine the size, shape, echogenicity (whiteness or brightness of a structure), fiber pattern, and surrounding inflammatory reaction of any structure. Next, these findings are considered carefully in conjunction with the clinical examinations and the current athletic use of the horse.
Some Indications for Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Equine Include:
  • Diagnosis of soft tissue injuries including muscular, vascular, tendon, tendon sheaths, ligament, joint capsule, or bursal defects
  • Assessment of fluid accumulation
  • Evaluation of joint and bony surfaces
  • Monitoring of the healing progress
  • Monitoring of the effect of training on soft tissue structures, especially tendons and ligaments
ultrasound02.jpgAt Virginia Equine Imaging high resolution musculoskeletal ultrasound is a speciality even within our speciality imaging practice. Dr.Allen was one of the early adopters in the early 1980's of musculoskeletal ultrasound and continues to speak nationally and internationally on this and other imaging modalities. The practice has extremely high resolution ultrasound ( we can image as high as 17 megahertz, the standard being 7 to 10 megahertz). The practice also has multiple speciality probes that allow for specific areas to be evaluated, such as the bottom of the foot or the pelvis area. The images can be stored electronically or printed on hi-res paper.

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Dr Allen and his associates are wonderful. I told my barrel horse for a second option with his navicular issues. To soon to see if it will work but the knowledge this man has. well worth the trip.

Leslie S.
The Plains, VA

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