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Digital Radiography


In the spring of 2002, Virginia Equine Imaging introduced digital radiography to its growing list of new imaging technologies. The DR system is manufactured by Sound-Eklin Medical Systems who is dedicated to delivering the world's finest direct digital radiography and image management systems to equine veterinary practices. VEI was the first veterinary clinic in the world to utilize this technology.

digrad02.jpgDigital radiography provides the veterinarian with an x-ray image that can be viewed on a high resolution monitor within 4 seconds without the need for film developing. In order to obtain the image, a conventional x-ray camera is used to expose a digital cassette or detector. The detector is attached via a cable to a portable processor that captures the image electronically. Once the image is obtained, the veterinarian is capable of viewing the image almost instantaneously on a specially designed workstation for final clinical review and printing. On the workstation, the image can be magnified, contrasted, or edge enhanced to provide the best possible results.

Virginia Equine Imaging has both in-clinic (EDR-1) and portable (EDR-3) DR units. Specific advantages of digital radiography for equine diagnostic imaging include:

  • Much more consistent image quality
  • Reduces number of repeat exposures because you can easily adjust brightness, contrast, magnification, and edge enhancement (less time per study = less sedation for horse)
  • Far more efficient to find small bone detail and soft tissue on one image
  • Images can be emailed immediately as Jpegs to referring veterinarians
  • Allows for rapid second opinions and surgical consults
  • Portable unit allows images to be evaluated at horse shows or stables with trainers and owners within seconds.
  • Rules out fractures or catastrophic bone injuries within seconds at competitions or farm calls.
  • Whether in-clinic or out-clinic, radiograph results for time sensitive issues such as pre-purchase exams are known immediately.
  • Radiographs can be burned to CD for little or no cost allowing owners or trainers to keep their radiographs with them at all times.

For appointments call 540-687-4663.

THIS ---->https://vaequinecom.vetmatrixbase.com/client-services/digital-radiography.html

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Dr Allen and his associates are wonderful. I told my barrel horse for a second option with his navicular issues. To soon to see if it will work but the knowledge this man has. well worth the trip.

Leslie S.
The Plains, VA

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